Are Penny boards good for beginners?

The Penny board is undoubtedly a good board for skateboarders. However, there are still question about whether you should choose it as a beginner skateboard.

Generally speaking, the majority of beginners don’t choose Penny cruiser boards as their first skateboard. Still, from my experiences as a skateboarder who’ve been riding on different types on board for a long time, I believe that it all comes down to personal preferences.

That’s being said, this post will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Penny boards and help decide if you should buy it or not.

What are Penny boards?

a penny boards good for beginners
a penny boards good for beginners

The term “Penny” originated directly from the brand that first introduces this line of products to the market, the Penny Skateboards. Although it was specifically used for their new plastic skateboard products, the name Penny board was generalized for all other plastic skateboards due to the popularity of Penny boards.

The Penny boards are nothing alike compared to the standard skateboards or longboards. First of all, they always come with surprising small sizes with three different dimensions. We’ve got the original Penny board which is only 22”, the Nickel board which measured 27”, and the longboard version which tops at 36”.

On top of that, Penny boards are mostly constructed from plastic materials, thus reducing their total weights compared to the standard skateboards. The deck was completely made of plastic and has no grip tape on it. You’ll also have smaller and smoother wheels with responsive trucks.

The advantages

Here you’ll find the advantages of having a Penny board as a beginner. Find out if they match your preferences.

Impressive portability

This is probably the biggest reason why most people choose Penny boards as their favorite skateboard. With extreme small sizes, Penny boards are great for those who are favoring the portability. Having said that, you can easily carry your board with you wherever you’re going without any problems. In facts, with the original Penny board which is only 22” length, you can even fit it on your backpack whenever you want.

In additions, since Penny boards are mostly constructed from plastic components, they also come at lighter weights compared to other skateboards. Hence, you can easily carry these boards around without experiencing any stress or fatigue.

Protect your shoes

As skateboarders, having a torn-up pair of shoes is something that you always have to live it. And the reason for this is because of the grip tape that is glued on all skateboards and longboards. Although these items give you a lot more control of the board, they’re also famous for being shoe destroyers.

On the other hand, Penny boards have no grip tape. Instead, the manufacturer only features a mild textured surface on their board. This allows skateboarder to comfortability ride on their favorite shoes without worrying that they might tear them up.

However, keep in mind that having no grip tape would mean that your Penny boards would offer a lot less control compared to those that come with this feature.

Great for cruising and casual transportation

Those who love cruising on their skateboards or use it for casual transportation would find the Penny board extremely useful. Due to its small sizes, you can take your board everywhere you go and use it to close up that “last miles” or “first miles” distances.

In additions, Penny boards always feature smooth wheels which allow them to rotate faster and smoother. This makes Penny boards extremely suitable for traveling on concrete pavements and asphalt roads in the city. The wheels are also considerably hard, making them effective against rocky terrains.

They also come with responsive bushings which allows you to make quick and accurate turnings.

Stylish looks

the major reasons for Penny boards’ popularity
the major reasons for Penny boards’ popularity

This is undoubtedly one of the major reasons for Penny boards’ popularity. As they come in many colorful designs as well as a fashionable look, many people are switching to Penny board just because they look more stylish.

In additions, due to the fact you can actually wear your favorite shoes when riding on your Penny, people are even more interested in Penny boards. That being said, you can even use your Penny board as a fashion accessory, aside from its main purposes.

High-quality materials

Although the boards are mostly constructed from plastics, you can still feel the rigidity whenever you ride on it. This is largely because the manufacturer has used high-quality plastic material for the construction of the deck. Thus providing the same level of durability while keeping the weight at the minimum. In additions, the trucks are also extremely reliable as they’re capable of support heavyweights.

The disadvantages

Here are the disadvantages that might stop you from purchasing the Penny board as your beginner board.

A little pricier

As we’ve mentioned, to compensate for their using of the plastic deck instead of the wooden deck, the manufacturer must use high-quality materials to ensure its longevity. Thus, you’ll find Penny boards a little more expensive compared to the standard skateboards. Not to mention that the current popularity of Penny boards also adds up to their pricing.

Provide little control and stability

the Penny boards come with many small sizes
the Penny boards come with many small sizes

Those who’ve been using the two type of boards could easily notice the differences between the Penny boards and normal skateboards. In facts, these are the reasons why many skateboarders don’t recommend Penny boards for beginners.

Firstly, the Penny boards come with many small sizes compared to other skateboards at the same categories. This results in less stability and comfortability when you stand on them. Hence, beginners would have a tougher time adjusting to the board.

Not good for doing tricks

And secondly, since they have no grip tape, Penny boards are extremely hard when it comes to doing tricks. The textured plastic surface is nowhere near enough to provide the proper control for experienced skateboarders to perform their tricks, not to mention you’re all beginners.

Final thoughts

Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when choice penny board
Which mistakes should a beginner avoid when choice penny board

Now you’ve learned the pros and cons of having a Penny board for beginners, let me sum things up for you. If you’re planning to learn street skateboarding and do tricks on your board, then you should never go for the Penny board. Although it’s possible to do tricks on them, as a beginner, you’ll have a hard time adjusting yourself.

However, if cruising and casual transportations are what you’re aiming for, then yes, Penny board would be a nice choice. Their impressive portability and functionality would allow you to ride your board to anywhere at any time. Just keep in mind that it would be more difficult learning to ride on a Penny board because of its small sizes and no-grip-tape designs.

And that’s our opinions on whether the Penny boards are good for beginners. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.