Top 10 Rollerblade Tricks

Our post consists of all the best tricks that you can learn to perform on your skates. You can practice them anytime to improve your skills as well as make you look cooler in the eyes of others.

To start with, let’s assume that you’ve known all the basic moves on your new pair of skates and can ride on them comfortably. But if you haven’t, you might want to take a look at some basic guides, just for your own good.

Now, let’s take a look at our top 10 rollerblade tricks.

One-legged skating

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This is one of the most basic tricks that you need to master when practicing skating. It’s also a simple exercise to strengthen your leg, once you’ve mastered it, your movements will be a lot faster.

You should first practice one-legged skating by resting one of your hands on the barrier while keeping the other hand straight to propel yourself. Raise one foot in the air facing backward, you can vary the position to which you’re most comfortable with. Use the arms on the barrier to help you move around and release it once you feel ready, try doing this until you achieve good balance on one leg.

Once you’re confident enough, it’s time to take it to the street. With both of your feet on the ground (and of course, the skates on your feet), start skating like how you normally do. Whenever you feel ready you can release one foot and pull it off the ground. At this stage, you just need to keep your body balanced and you would be able to ride on one-legged effortlessly.

To make things more difficult, you can do one-legged skating with obstacles to improve your skills.


This is also referring to “turning”, but from opinions, “spinning” would sound truer. The trick is basically a fast combination of feet movements to allow you to ride in circular movements. The key is to keep your upper body relax and stable. Fail to do that and you won’t be able to perform a perfect spinning.

Start by riding forward in a comfortable position, make sure your body is relaxed. Then swiftly move one of your feet to the back of the other while facing backward. However, don’t align them vertically since you won’t be able to make your turns with this position. Instead, make sure the inners of your feet form up an angle. Then, you’ll naturally start spinning in circular motions.

You can narrow down the angle to make your spins even faster. Depending on which direction you are more preferable, you can place the right or left foot back of the other.


It’s a great exercise to master the skates and make them a part of your body. Start with a simple sprint and let the movements propel you forward, then align your feet horizontally. Then swiftly move both of your legs in the opposite direction while maintaining their relative angles. Your feet will naturally move in the sine curve movements. It’s like you’re dancing on your skates. However, keep in mind that this is a quite difficult trick that requires intensive practicing to master.

Sprinting and turning with step over

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Basic sprinting and turning techniques might already seem boring to you? How about we spice things up with a more aesthetic style? Here how we do it:

While you’re riding, lower your body center and start inclining your body to a certain direction, your body weight will naturally fall into one foot. Once you feel that, move the other leg over the supporting leg while keeping your torso stationed, this would shift the weight to the other leg. You can keep the movement by continuously switching legs to propel your body to the desired direction. And if you also feel like sprinting, you can give yourself a little push every time your leg touches the ground. Doing it smoothly and I’ll feel like a groovy dance.

Two wheels

The standard 8 wheels skating might have been too easy, so there is nothing challenging and interesting about it anymore. Which is why many skaters usually mix up their styles by performing two wheels skating. The trick is basically a riding position where you lift most of your skates off the ground leaving only one wheel on each skate on the ground, hence the name.

To practice it, you should start by familiarizing yourself with standing on two wheels. Once you’ve achieved a certain amount of balance doing this, you can try doing it while moving. Be mindful that, skating on two wheels will make your movement less stable so make sure you’re capable of controlling the skates.


You might think that there is nothing special about this trick since it only consists of simple jumping moves. However, if you’ve been skating for long enough, you’ll notice that there is nothing easy about jumps. The trick requires you to have an excellent balance on the skates and a relatively strong pair of legs.

To practice it, you can start by jumping in the air and try to balance yourself when you land the ground. It would take a fairly amount of time to master this before we can move to the next step. Once you’re confident about your skills, you can try jumping over obstacles with escalating height.

Jumps and spinning

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Is Santa Cruz longboard is a good brand (Updated for 2019)

This is an upgrade version of the jump since it requires a lot more skills and control from skaters. You’ll basically perform a jump, and right after you land on the ground, a spinning is followed. You must master your heel control before you can practice doing this trick to avoid unwanted accidents.

Breaking with T style

Enough for the skating trick, how about we learn a cool way to stop your movements? That being said, let’s find out about the breaking with T style on your skates.

While riding, you will swiftly put one of your foot to the back of the other foot. Turn it vertically to form a letter “T” with two foot. Slightly force it down a little bit and the fraction would slow you down really fast. This is not only effective but also a very cool way to stop while skating.

And if you want to try something new with your skating, going backward might be an interesting idea. At first, it might feel really odd and uncomfortable since you’re not used to it yet. However, with lots of practice, you can ride backward on your skates with ease. And once you’ve done it, it’s also a good idea to trying a few tricks that we’ve introduced in backward styles, such as backward crossing, spinning, and so on.

Mix things up

Using the different tricks that we’ve provided, you can freely customize them to create your own tricks. How about spinning on one foot, jumping on one wheel, the options are virtually limitless.

Thanks for reading and we’ll see you in our future posts.